Hydrolife Tinted Moisturizer by Dior

I can’t say enough about Dior. I’m not a product pusher really but I can tell you that the type of foundation you use makes a huge difference.  When applying your makeup it’s like building a house. Would you want to build on solid ground or sinking sand? Well same thing with foundation. Your foundation if it’s blotchy or the wrong pigment can ruin your entire look.  I love this tinted moisturizer by Dior. Not only does it go with every skin tone but it makes you look glowing and beautiful.  If you want that sun-kissed skin look that has a youthful glow you really need to try this product it’s one of my favorites!

Wedding Makeovers

Your wedding is the greatest day of your life so you don’t want to look back and wonder why you wore the makeup you did. When it’s your wedding day you want to look fresh, beautiful and glowing. This is an image of a beautiful bride whose make up I did. A neutral color on her lips, some lashes, touch of bronze, deep brown eyeliner and she was stunning. No matter who does your makeup for the big day always do a trial run the day before. You’ll avoid any surprises and can make adjustments so it’s just perfect for your special day!

Beauty Not Boredom

Techniques to applying makeup  can be as different as the colors shown in this picture.  I am aware that there are makeup guru’s but when it’s all said and done the most important part of applying your makeup is, when I’m done what does it look like on me?  If you try the flashy blue that a super model uses but you look like an 80’s throwback…well that’s not good.

When people ask what colors I use on my lips or eyes for example it’s always a little funny to me because I mix several colors. Some days I don’t but most days I do.  It is because I don’t like the confines of colors and if a shade is too dark I’ll lighten it up or too light I’ll add something a little darker in.

The good news is if you put a color on your eyes , cheeks or lips and you don’t like it…wash it off and start again.  Remember mistakes with make up can go whooshing down the drain as quickly as they were applied.  So have no fear when it comes to putting on your make up. Try colors you would never try, put highlights in new places and see what happens.  Beauty was meant to be experimented with , and you can’t do that if you are stuck to the same colors your wore when you first began wearing makeup in the 7th grade.

Lets all try something new today!  Who knows you may find the next new trend!  Have fun , remember there is only one you, you are unique and special.


Lets glam it up girls!

June 2021