Did You Know ?

Makeup Artists Favorite Tips

Cut false eyelashes in half and glue from the center of your eye out towards the corner for a more natural and glamorous “cat eye” look

When applying glue to lashes let the glue dry approx 60 seconds before applying the lash

You can use your favorite peach or pink or brown blush for eyeshadow

Some eyeshadow colors in powder form make great lip color just put a clear gloss or lip balm on and gently dab the eye color on your finger and dab on lips

If your out and forgot your blush but have lip stick just put a dab on your cheek and rub it in for that rosy look

Adding water to any eyeshadow intensifies the color for that night time “ready for the red carpet look”  Just dab your eyeshadow brush in a touch of water dab the shadow and apply

Use a concealer that is slightly thinner because when you apply it under your eye it won’t clog those creases which makes you look tired.  Only apply in areas of your face where your skin pigment is slightly darker.

Avoid  overly shimmery makeup  as it can make you look a little older

Before applying mascara or eyelashes massage eye pencil into the roots of the lashes gives the illusion of thicker lashes

Apply a natural brown color powder not pencil to fill in gaps in your eyebrows

Brownish red or black colors in eyebrows  are not a good choice as they can make you look older

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